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body weight routine stretching

Make sure you stretch before and after your body weight routine sessions – It’s vital, here’s how

It’s no surprise that we are advocates of body weight routine training programs, and it’s simply because they are simple, can do anywhere programs that don’t need any expensive equipment. In fact you put together an effective whole body workout plan that can take your body to its limits and achieve amazing results without having Read more
tabata timer

Tabata training: The fat burning and anaerobic effects of a Tabata workout

It doesn’t really matter if you’re looking to burn fat, increase muscle mass, or whatever your goal is for wanting to get in shape a 4 minute Tabata workout can do it for you.In this post we’re going to take a little look at some of the science behind Tabata training to give you an […] Read more
body weight routine for strength

Looking for a body weight routine for strength? Use a deck of cards

Yes we know that sounds a bit weird, but we promise you if you are looking for a body weight routine for strength, then this one is a real ass kicker. So where does the deck of cards come in? stick with us it’ll all become clear. This routine is simple but fun, fun, fun. […] Read more
tabata training

A Tabata workout or Crossfit, Which is best?

In this day and age we are always comparing one against the other, so in this article let’s compare a Tabata workout with crossfit. After all we all want the best in terms of effectiveness and value for money. I think it’s true to say that when you start out on a fitness program you’re […] Read more
workout without equipment

Working Out Effectively And Efficiently Without Equipment

Fortunately we are all a bit more health conscious these days, with millions of people around the world going to their local gym to burn off their excess body fat.Most people could do with losing a bit of weight, if not weight certainly body fat. And there are two routes to that if you are […] Read more
walking is great exercise

Walking Your Way To Better Health

There is no doubt that if you want to achieve any kind of weight loss you have to exercise. Every time you move your body’s muscles you are burning calories so it follows that if you move more you’ll burn more off.You should never rely just on dieting if you want to lose those unwanted […] Read more
fat burning exercises

The Best Fat Burning And Muscle Building Bodyweight Exercises

Let’s face it the monthly costs to join a gym are pretty expensive, the good news is that you can get the same benefit from body-weight exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Joining a gym and then using it regularly, which you absolutely must do if you want to […] Read more
tabata training

Super Fast Fat Burning Workouts For Outdoors

When the weather is good it’s the perfect opportunity to take your workouts outside. You can be working on your tan whilst building your beach body in the sun.This is a short and sharp body weight routine that had me dripping with sweat and pumped up muscles. You don’t need to spend hours in the […] Read more
Lose Body Fat And Sculpt Lean Muscle With This Workout

Lose Body Fat And Sculpt Lean Muscle With This Workout

Be warned: This workout routine is far from common and quite likely more different than anything you’ve seen or heard about before. But it is super effective and the results can be dramatic. How does a leaner, fitter and stonger body sound to you? Completing workouts like this is perfect for people who are too […] Read more
body weight push up variation

A Tabata workout for amazing upper body strength

Tabata workouts are fantastic when time is short and you don’t have much money for a ton of expensive gym equipment. Apart from the fact that Tabata is a fantastic way to increase your stamina and endurance levels, it’s great for strength training too. Let’s quickly go over the Tabata protocol again so we’re clear Read more
tabata workout routine

Here’s a 10 minute Tabata Workout Routine for you to do

Here’s a quick fire Tabata workout routine for you. you’re only going to need 1 thing to complete it… DETERMINATION. Remember to concentrate on proper form for each exercise during the workout. Workout to the max but do it safely. Watch the video in “full screen” mode and follow along – You’re gonna feel Read more
tabata training

Tabata – A 4 Minute Tabata Workout to Get You Fit Fast

If you’re finding it hard to make time for your workouts then a Tabata workout is just what you need. We know that having enough time to workout is an issue for a lot of people and actually it’s the number one reason/excuse people give for not working out. You know you should, you know […] Read more
Body weight exercise leg workout

Don’t neglect your legs – 4 body weight exercises for killer legs

Body weight Exercises for Killer Legs Strong, toned and powerful legs… Yep we all want them, and there is this mis-conception that you need to stack the weights on the squat rack, do leg extensions, curls and calf raises until you have to crawl out of the gym to get the defined and sculptured pair […] Read more

Energy drinks for body weight exercise routines – what you should know

Energy drinks for body weight exercise routines – what you should know Okay so we all know that keeping your body hydrated is really important. This is even more important when you’re running through a body weight exercise routine. I suppose one of the downsides to exercising without using any equipment or having to go […] Read more
body weight routine for weight loss

The Best Body Weight Exercises – A Rant and Building a Solid Foundation

Best Body Weight Exercises – A Rant! It’s amazing when you start looking around at all of the “best body weight exercises” advice there is on the internet these days. It seems like you can’t do a basic push up before another fitness guru is telling you should be doing it “this way” to get […] Read more
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